David E. Burns - Notary Public

Fees and Charges 

 Mobile Notary Services Charges  in addition to State Fees: 

  • $10.00 per each one-half hour or portion of a half-hour required for notarization.
  • $0.55 per mile to and from the clients desired location from the intersection of Fiddlestix and Daniels Parkway.
  • $0.25 per photo copy mady by the notary.

 Loan Document Signings in Lee and Collier Counties: 

  • $75.00 for one loan document signing within 15 miles round trip
  • $15.00 for printing of E-mailed documents
  • $50.00 where borrowers do not show or refuse to sign
  • $25.00 per hour or fraction there of for additional time above one and one-half hours

You may receive a complete estimate of all fees and charges prior to your notary service.

Note: " I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida and I may not give legal advice." If you have a legal question or questions regarding your documents or there contents please contact an attorney prior to scheduling notarization.

$10.00 for first seal, $5.00 for each additional seal required.

 State of Florida fees approved for Notary Seals (stamps): 

  • Administering Oaths and affirmations
    ​and taking acknowledgements
  • Attesting to a Photocopy
  • Verifying a vehicle VIN and Odometer reading
  • Attach a certificate to a self-drafted document
  • Verify Contents of a Safe-deposit Box​