• Power of Attorney
  • Real Estate Document Signings, Buyers, Sellers, Refi, HELOC 
  • Taking an Acknowledgement 
  • Trusts & Wills
  • Verifying a VIN or Odometer for Auto Sale
  • Walking documents through recording in Lee County

I am available to assist you with your business and/or personal notary needs. For your convenience and safety I will come to either your home, your place of business, a public or a private facility. Services are performed only by appointment only and for the benefit of your time. The following are offered:

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David E. Burns - Notary Public

Welcome. Allow me bring my notary services to your location.

​David E. Burns
Mobile Notary Signing Services

Lee and Collier County Florida

Direct:     239-935-8818
Toll Free: 877-340-2539
Fax:          877-340-2688 (Toll Free)

E-mail:       david@burnsnotary.com

NNA Certified Signing Agent 

Commissioned, Insured & Bonded

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  • Administering Oaths and Affirmations
  • Affidavits
  • Auto Loan Signings
  • Attach a certificate to a document
  • Attesting to a Photocopies
  • Attach a certificate to a document
  • Certifying Contents of a Safe- Deposit box
  • Depositions

A Few things to keep in mind in completing your notary needs:

  1. The person(s) whose signature is being notarized  must be physically present at the time of notarization .
  2. The person(s) whose signature is being notarized must have valid, current, picture identification: Drivers License,  U.S. Passport, US Armed Forces ID,  State issued ID Card, Green Card (I-551), Foreign Passport (Stamped by Immigration).
  3. The person(s) must sign in the presence of the notary. 
  4. To attest to photocopies, the notary must personally make, or supervise the making of the copies.  And the copies must be made from an original document.  
  5. Documents photocopied can not be a public record that certified copies of which are available from another source.
  6. Photographs may not be "notarized" only a persons statement concerning the contents of the photograph my be acknowledged or sworn to.  
  7. Many documents require witnesses who are not related to the signer(s) and do not have interest in the resulting documents.   Check your documents and see if you need to arrange for said witnesses.